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Winter Training Information

Flames Families,

Below is the winter training PDF link. Our training schedule has now been updated as of 1-11-19. Please look over for your age group/team. Reach out to your manager if you aren't too sure of things. Or you can email for any questions.


Atletico Flames

U15-19 Final Tryouts

Boys and girls born from 2000-2004 are invited to final high school age tryouts this Thursday. 10/25/19 from 6-7PM at Central Hardin High school. Anyone that came to the summer tryouts should come too. 

Questions or if you intend on playing/trying out but cannot be there Thursday, email

Make Up Tryouts 2018-19 Season

Saturday June 2nd

12PM-1PM 2007 Girls

Sunday June 3rd

5-6PM 2000-2004 Girls

6:30-7:30PM 2000-2004 Boys

Monday June 4th

5:30-6:30PM 2009 Girls(U10), 2008 Girls(U11), 2009 Boys(U10), 2008 Boys(U11), 2007(U12) Boys

6:45-7:45PM 2006(U13) and 2005(U14) Boys and Girls

8-9PM 2000-2004 Boys and Girls

*If you want to tryout for any of these age groups, you still can! Email or text 2703128733 so we can add your player contact info to the list. Then you can just check in the day of your group to receive a shirt along with paying the $20 tryout fee.

**If you cannot make the tryouts, please contact too. We can arrange something with the coaches in that age group. This is really important for the 2000-2004 age groups so we can truly predict which age groups/teams we can form.

***All at Mike Carroll Soccer Complex

217 Peterson Dr, Elizabethtown, KY 42701 

Click "Tryout" Tab for more information and sign ups!

Updated Winter Skills Training


Hope everyone had a great break! After looking at numbers for groups, there is going to be a few changes to training days/times for a few teams/ages. Calendars are updated below. Also please join the Remind group. Info for that is below. 

U10 Boys now are on Tuesday's 6:30-7:30PM. Combined to help numbers for both ages in that session.

U10 Girls are Sundays 12-1PM. 

U17 Girls are now Sundays 2-3PM . Combined to help numbers for both ages in that session.

U19 Boys are Thursdays 8:30-9:30PM to help H.S. boys numbers.

**All ages please remember that if your child cannot attend their age, they can make a different time slot! We just want to offer the best training possible for all players to develop.


Justin Maddock

Flames 2017-18 Winter Training


Hope everyone has had a nice little break this month and a good holiday! The winter schedule is now set for all teams. 

-Goal of session is to improve the individual players!!! ALL players must bring their own ball. THIS IS FOR ALL AGES!!!! Improving as an individual this winter will improve the team play leaps and bounds!!!

-Players need to be prepared for individual ball work, speed/agility/conditioning, and fitness related 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3 sessions

-Director of Coaching(Justin Maddock) will run the majority of the team sessions and our other coaches will be running sessions at different times too. Goal keeper sessions will be led by Jon Parsons and Andrew Cecil with help form other coaches too.

-There is a remind101 group created for getting weather information out about trainings. Text 81010 with the message @affc1718

-Training location: Physical Therapy Associates. 1222 Woodland Dr., Elizabethtown, KY 42701. 

-Training needs: Ball, Flat shoes (recommend buying flat indoor soccer shoes), Water

-PLEASE, PLEASE make your best effort to train during your teams sessions. Once we see numbers of attendance or lack of attendance, we may adjust the schedule. Reach out to myself if you have a conflict due to a different sport/activity and we will see what group works best for your child. 



Justin Maddock


High School Age Additional Tryouts as of 11/8/2017

Flames will be holding a tryout looking for more 2003-1999 girls to tryout. 

On Thursday 11/9/17 from 6 to 7PM at Carroll Soccer fields. 

Looking for 1 or 2 more players to fill the U19 team.

Looking for 4-6 more players to create a U17/18 team. 

Encourage all interested to come. REALLY need a goal keeper 2003 or younger and one 2002-2000.

*Just bring a ball and come early enough to give contact information. Address: 217 Peterson Dr., Elizabethtown KY 42701.


Justin Maddock

AFFC Director of Coaching

Tryouts Update 6/9/17

Tryout results/rosters are posted under the Tryout Tab as of today. If your age group isn't listed, there will be an email sent to you soon with more information.


Justin Maddock

AFFC Director of Coaching

Tryouts Update 6/2/17

Flames will be holding extra tryouts for u13 (born in 2005) boys and girls Monday June 5th at Mike Carroll Soccer Complex. Boys 5:30-7PM and Girls 6:30-8PM. Boys will be filling final spots for 2 teams. Girls will be filling final spots for their team. 


Any others that have missed their age group tryouts can contact Justin: Other ages with possible spots are: 2006 boys and girls, 2004 Girls



Justin Maddock

AFFC Director of Coaching

Tryout Update 5/31/17


Thanks so much for your support and showing up for the U10-14 age groups tryouts. Thursday will be Day 2 for all girls and boys in U10-14 age groups. Numbers as of today:

2008(U10) Boys-20 Kids...2 Teams

2008(U10) Girls-13 Kids...1 Team

2007(U11) Boys-32 Kids...2 Teams

2007(U11) Girls-28 Kids...2 Teams

2006(U12) Boys-14 Kids...1 Team

2006(U12) Girls-15 Kids...1 Team

2005(U13) Boys-26 Kids...2 Teams *Really looking for a few more!! Spread the word!

2005(U13) Girls-15 Kids...1 Team *Really looking for a few more!! Spread the word!

2004(U14) Boys-27 Kids...2 Teams *Really looking for a few more!! Spread the word!

2004(U14) Girls-13 Kids...*Really looking for a few more!! Spread the word! Few more will allow for a true U14 and not combine with U15s. 

If interested but cannot make the actual tryouts, reach out to me!


Justin Maddock

2703128733 or


Click tryout tab for info. Registration will only be at Carroll now. 30 minutes before tryouts. 

Tentative Teams/Coaches:(We are still continuing to look at bringing in more "college experienced" players to help coach in this club. So hoping to add to this list) Team will mainly play in KSSL. Some in KPL(U12 Girls, U13 Boys, U14 Boys, u15 Boys, U13 Girls) and KASL(Younger teams). 


U8/9 Academy Boys (2009s/2010s) Possibly 2-3 Teams: Corey Yates, Wade Barnes

U8/9 Academy Girls (2009s/2010s): Jessica Mills

U10 Boys (2008s) Possibly 2 Teams: Head Coach Andre Cooper, Josh Hubbard

U10 Girls (2008s): Tony Garrison, Conner Kauffeld, and TBD

U11 Boys (2007s): 2 Teams: Head Coach David Badstibner, Scott Mays, Head Coach Mike Bowers, Pat Black

U11 Girls (2007s): 2 Teams: Head Coach Jon Parsons, Corey Yates, Head Coach Ty Strater, Adrian Goodman

U12 Boys (2006s) Possible a team, Please push for 2006 boys you know that can play to tryout!!! : Head Coach Derek Bell, Asst TBD

U12 Girls (2006s) Head Coach Amy Inman, Catherine Thomas

U13 Boys (2005s): Head Coach Alex Shearer, Adrian Goodman

U13 Girls (2005s): Head Coach Andre Cooper

U14 Boys (2004s) 2 Teams, Head Coach Justin Maddock, Head Coach Darwin Perez, 

U14 Girls (2004s) Will also tryout out with 2003 age group on Friday. Jamie Turner

*U9-14 will be August to end of October, and March to end of May. 


H.S. Ages 

U15-U19 Boys (1999s-2003s) Will look to make 1 for each age group, combine ages if need to for competiviness. Coaches: Justin Maddock, Judd Yates, Derek Bell

U15-19 Girls (1999s-2004s) Will look to make 2-3 teams. Combining ages to make teams more competitive. Coaches: Jamie Turner, Elisha Fry, Justin Maddock

**They will go November to end of May. 

***All ages will get winter skills December, January, and February. 8-12 sessions. 


Tryout Schedule:(Try to be there 20-30 Minutes early on your first tryout to sign up/check in and will hold a meeting w/parents during the first tryout night after the kids start)

U10 Girls (2008s) and U11 Girls (2007s): Tuesday May 30th 5:30-6:45PM, Thursday June 1st 7-8PM.

U12 Girls (2006s), U13 Girls (2005s) and U14 Girls (2004s): Tuesday May 30th 7-8:15PM, Thursday June 1st 5:30-6:30PM.

U10 Boys (2008s) and U11 Boys (2007s): Wednesday May 31st 5:30-6:45PM, Thursday June 1st 7-8PM.

U12 Boys (2006s), U13 Boys (2005s) and U14 Boys (2004s): Wednesday May 31st 7-8:15PM, Thursday June 1st 5:30-6:30PM.

U9 Girls and Boys (2009s, 2010s): Friday June 2nd 5:30-6:30PM

U14-U19 Girls (2004s, 2003s, 2002s, 2001s, 2000s, and 1999s): Friday June 2 6:30-7:30PM

U15-U19 Boys (2003s, 2002s, 2001s, 2000s, and 1999s): Friday June 2 7:30-8:30PM

*H.S. Ages will hold final tryout end of october to fill last 2 to 4 spots per team. Season starts in November. 

Location: Mike Carroll Soccer Complex


Playing Up: This is always the "Hot Topic". As a club we are still continuing to improve on this based off of our teams and the players. Our main goal as a club is to develop as many competitive players as we can in the area!!! Keep that in mind with wanting to play up or not. We want to build a "team/family" culture vs an individual me, me, me culture. So yes we as coaches will look at each player in the age groups and discuss what we need to do for each player to help them develop but at the same time looking at what will benefit the teams involved. U10-U12- For the most part WE WILL NOT play players up. BUT we will still look at each player. We will move a player up in those ages if we feel their ability is above and beyond what their age group is and offers. We believe kids that are strong in their age u10-12 will allow for them to develop in to "playmakers" and "creative minded" players and "goal scorers". Being more talented in their age can allow for us to develop players that can take over games, try moves that "special" players can only do in an environment that makes them feel extremely confident. This will also allow us to create true "captains" and team leaders. In turn, creating coaches on the field to help coach their peers as they get older! This will help us put more and more U13 and older teams together that compete with the top Louisville and Lexington teams. 


U13 and above- these ages may turn out to be more flexible at playing players up. Again the main reason being their individual ability. WE will also start looking at what level each team is playing in, numbers trying out for those ages. And so on. 


U9 and below: Will occur more often b/c the difference between Academy league and structure vs playing U10. Always expected to go back to their age when they get to U10 though.


Overall comments on playing up: We want it to be a coaching decision based on the teams involved. I.E. the U11 coach may say to U12 coach "this player needs to be looked at for the U12s to challenge her/him in the right environment". Also, we want to use club/player passing where we allow the top couple players in each age group to play with their age and older ages in the club to continue their development. First tryout all players need to tryout for their actual age. Others that talk to me case by case basis will be allowed to tryout with the older age group on the second day of tryouts.


Thanks for all of your support for the club! Look forward to seeing everyone next week.


Justin Maddock

AFFC Director of Coaching


Updated Winter Training 1/13/2017

*Changes in bright green.

Times Sundays   Times Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays
2-3PM U9 Boys   5:30-6:30PM U10 B Maroon U13 B White U9 Girls  


U12 B White   6:30-7:30PM U10 B White U12 Girls U15 Boys U11 Girls
4-5PM U14 Boys   7:30-8:30PM U13 B Maroon U14 Girls U16 Boys U9-U12 GKS
5-6PM U10 G Mar/Wh   8:30-9:30PM U18/19 Girls U18/19 Boys U17 Boys U13+ GKs
6-7PM U15/16 Girls          
7-8PM U12 B Maroon            


Flames Families,

Hope everyone is ready for the Holidays! As Flames continues to work on improving what we can provide for our players, we now have a new winter training place and set up! We will be using Physical Therapy Associates’ indoor building. It has turf and will allow our players to get good touches on the ball all winter. We also have the facility to use Sundays through Thursdays and that will allow us to get each team in more!!! We are very excited about this opportunity. This time will be used for players to improve individual skills and their technical ability with the ball. At times they will do training where everyone needs a ball. They will also do speed and agility, core, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 concepts, and some futsal. What this means is each week kids need to wear their shin-guards, have their own proper size ball, water, and be ready to work hard! If individuals cannot make their training slots, they can reach out to myself to find an appropriate session for your child to join in. Information on the sessions, being cancelled, changes, will be updated on our site, facebook page, emailed through managers, and on my facebook page. Please look up our facebook page and managers will also do their best to help us on getting the information out. You can always reach out to me if you’re not sure either. Overall remember the winter focus is on individual growth/concepts and not the team play/positions. Plus we will do our best to work with all families that have kids in multiple activities so we can support that!

Facility information: Address is 1222 Woodland Dr, Elizabethtown, KY 42701. It is right across from the movie theatres in Elizabethtown. Parking is in front of the building. There will be an entrance for our trainings and areas roped to show where kids can walk through for training and to the bathrooms. Players should only wear indoor shoes or turf shoes. I recommend that players get indoor shoes/turf shoes if they don’t own a pair. Gym shoes will hurt their development and technical ability during these sessions. I also want to mention with the facility use and space provided, we need to take care of the building! There will not be a ton of space to hangout and watch. There will be a small viewing area. With that said, try to remind your kids and ones coming with, the physical therapy office/equipment is off limits. That the bathrooms need to be well kept and we want to take care of the facility so they want to have us back as a club! Flames appreciates your support with this.

Lastly, remember that this time will be important for their continued growth from the Fall to Spring season. As a club we tend to improve tremendously in our individual play, team play and overall results in the Spring. Continue to push your kids to touch the ball on their own, watch soccer, and come ready to work this winter! Week schedule and team time slots are below!

Justin Maddock
AFFC Director of Coaching

Winter Training:

Week 1: November 27-December 1

Week 2: December 4-8

Week 3: December 11-15

Off Week/Makeup Week: December 18-22

Week 4: January 1-5

Week 5: January 8-12

Week 6: January 15-19

Week 7: January 22-26

Week 8: January 29-February 2

Week 9: February 5-9

Week 10: February 12-17

Off Week/Makeup Week: February 19-23

*We will use makeup weeks and any open days for snow makeups and additional training opportunities as we can add them!

Beat the Heat Event


Welcome to the Home of Atletico Flames Futbol Club

     Atletico Flames Futbol Club (AFFC) was formed in 2003 as Flames Soccer Club, the competitive branch of Elizabethtown Youth Soccer Association (EYSA). The club began with mostly volunteer parent-coaches and only a few teams. Now after only 12 years we field more than 18 teams with paid coaches having previous high school, college and/or international playing experience as well as current or previous high school and/or college coaching experience. 
     Our teams, U10 and above, participate in the Kentucky Select Soccer League or the Kentucky Premier League. U9 Sparks Academy participates in the Kentucky Youth Soccer State Academy program. 
     The club uses fields at Mike Carroll Soccer Complex, Nicholas Street Fields and local high school fields. 
     Our club also has the opportunity to use the NEW Elizabethtown Sports Park for weeknight games and to host tournaments. This complex has state of the art facilities with over 10 new soccer fields. Visit our parks and recreation city site for more information. All of AFFC’s administration is performed by parent volunteers.

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